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Savings and Investments = BIG WORD!

We are gearing towards a new year once again. I am looking forward to a fruitful and blessed 2020 for all of us.  For me, a new year means another added year (getting a year older) and it made me feel anxious and nervous when I started to think about what will happen to Dirk and I.

I am not getting any younger and my Dirk is growing fast as well. I have been working for 10 years and I have not saved enough for both of us (literally). Regardless of how much we planned for everything but there will always be unforeseen events that cause our savings to be used up. 
It takes a lot of discipline to save (no joke). I cannot deny the fact that I love to buy unnecessary stuff (I think others can relate as well) and will regret it at the end of the day.  Useless spending has been by stress reliever but I started to restrain myself on this aspect and started to think thrice before spending on anything unless it is needed. 
Another weakness of mine is when it comes to Dirk. Until now even he is alr…
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My 1st Belle De Jour Planner

Hi Guys! Before sharing about my very first Belle De Jour Planner for 2020, my heartfelt thank you to Mommy Janice.

So grateful to win the planner giveaway hosted by Mommy Jan of Mommyplannerista & Mommyplannerista.plans and collaboration with Bdjbuzz and Crazyaboutpaperstore.
Now I have my 2020 Belle De Jour Limited Edition Power Planner.

To start with, the cover is incredible. I can imagine myself traveling in the Universe by just simply staring at the cover PLUS it is sturdy so you can just grab and put it inside your bag and ready to go.
The first page is where you can write down your information, in case your planner might get lost, the person who can find it would know whom to contact and the next page is the introduction page.
The next few pages would be about the team behind Belle De Jour, their journey in creating the planner (how it all started), those people who inspired them and thanking those Bellas who been supporting Belle De Jour throughout the years. 

There is also a we…

Review: Solea Mactan Cebu Resort

I am new to my job and fortunate enough to be part of our company’s family team outing. We had an overnight stay at Solea Mactan Cebu Resortand it was fantastic. The kids had fun and most importantly, we were able to bond and unwind.

There are 3 things that I loved about Solea.

Food We had our buffet breakfast in Earth Restaurant and the food was lovely. I find it like a fusion of Filipino, Korean and American breakfast. 

Amenities We were not given the luxury of time and that is why we spent more time in the pool. Dirk loves all pools and beaches. Solea has 7 pools and Dirk's favorite is the one where he can play. 

Friendly Staff
Staff was accommodating and attentive to our needs. they make sure to provide us with what we requested promptly.

My 1st Planner from

Hi everyone! After how many years, I am back in doing product reviews which I am very passionate about. Today, I received a very beautiful surprise form Personal It took months before I received it, but it is worth the wait. For those who are planner addicts like me, check this out.
To start, I read about how Personal Planner started. How the husband’s planner gift for his wife turned into a business. This is truly inspiring since a lot was given a chance to personalize or customize their planner that would be perfectly suite their lifestyle. I am just so pleased since I designed my planner and I will be sharing the design I made for my planner.
For my cover photo, I love the black and white accent that is why I chose the angel wings design. The simplicity of the design is just perfect for me and the hard cover is sturdy so you can carry this planner anywhere you want.

I also like this first page wherein you can write something about your planner. Since I don’t want to lose …